Friday, December 30

World's Largest Liger(Lion+Tiger)

The 10ft Liger who's still growing...

He looks like something from a prehistoric age or a fantastic

creation from Hollywood . But Hercules is very much living flesh and blood -

as he proves every time he opens his gigantic mouth to roar. Part lion, part

tiger, he is not just a big cat but a huge one, standing 10ft tall on his

back legs. Called a liger, in reference to his crossbreed parentage, he is

the largest of all the cat species.

On a typical day he will devour 20lb of meat, usually beef or

chicken, and is capable of eating 100lb at a single setting. At just three

years old, Hercules already weighs half a ton.

He is the accidental result of two enormous big cats living close

together at the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, in Miami,

Florida , and already dwarfs both his parents.

"Ligers are not something we planned on having," said institute owner

Dr Bhagavan Antle. "We have lions and tigers living together in large

enclosures and at first we had no idea how well one of

the lion boys was getting along with a tiger girl, then loo and behold

we had a liger."

Thursday, December 29

Wine Filling Station

In select supermarkets in France, customers can now fill up containers with gas station-style pumps(Keg wine and wine vending machines):
"Bring your own resealable bottles, Poland Spring containers, jerrycans, whatever. Or you can get one at the store. Select your grade (red, white, or rosé). Pump. Print receipt.

Astrid Terzian introduced this concept that hearkens back to a bygone era when wine would arrive in Paris shops in tonneaux and consumers would bring their own flagons to fill. But today, Terzian says, she started this scheme in fall 2008 to fill a niche, tapping into two key themes, environmental awareness and the economy.
The cost-savings are passed on to the consumer in the form of low prices of 1.45 euros/liter (about $2/liter).

Wednesday, December 28

world topest motor cycle rider

Leslie Porterfield, who was recently named to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle at over 232 mph, has been signed an exclusive sponsorship agreement to represent Bazzaz, Inc at Speed Week Aug. 14- 20, 2010 and the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats Aug. 28 – Sept. 2, 2010.

Porterfield, one of racing’s brightest stars and favored to exceed her top run of 240.382 mph, will be competing on a Turbo charged Honda CBR 1000RR built by Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda. Porterfield is thrilled to partner with Bazzaz.

Leslie Porterfield says: “They are definitely the leader when it comes to engine management and electronics for professional motorcycle racing. It’s all about performance and I can confidently say that they have the market cornered in that arena.”

Stunning Green Super City

Milano Santa Monica is a lush green super city that is scheduled to sprout up just outside of Milan. Envisioned as a stacked series of high-rises overflowing with flowering terraces, the self-contained development will employ principles of bio-architecture in addition to photovoltaic panels and solar-thermal water heaters to cut down on energy use.

- Green Design Will Save the World..

Designed by Polis Engineering, Studio Nicoletti, and the Marzorati Architecture Studio, Milano Santa Monica will comprise more than 2000 apartments centered around a 2 million square meter park. The complex will be completely self-contained, offering schools, sporting facilities, and a shopping center, reducing the distance that its inhabitants will need to travel in the course of their daily activities.

The lush green high rises are efficiently designed and enshrouded in vegetation that helps to insulate the interiors while providing fresh air. Photovoltaic panels help to shade sun-facing windows while generating energy, and solar water heaters help to further increase efficiency. The development is currently slated for construction in 2013.

Mercedes-Benz SLS

longest round street

Putrajaya, Malaysia 

Not many people realize this when they are driving around Putrajaya, especially near the Prime Minister’s office.
The roundabout is located near the Prime Minister’s office and houses three major landmarks: the Istana Melawati: a royal retreat; the Petra Perdana Landmark: a commemorative landmark and time capsule; and the Putrajaya Shangri-La Hotel.

world’s widest street

9 de Julio Avenida, Argentina
At 140 meters, it is the world’s widest avenue. Its name honors Argentina’s birthdate. (July 9, 1816). The avenue runs roughly one kilometer to the west of the Río de la Plata waterfront, from the Retiro district in the north to Constitución station in the south. The distance between adjacent streets is roughly 110 meters, greater than the equivalent Manhattan distance.
Today, it is chaos. Cars veer wildly between lanes; drivers gesticulate and rage; street performers juggle fire for coins at red lights…
It has 14 lanes, 7 on each direction ( plus is flanked on either side by streets with an additional four lanes) and motorists drifting across them at will, it takes nerves of steel to get behind the wheel.
Along the route, you’ll see the Obelisk, a statue of Don Quixote, the Teatro Colón and the Plaza de la República. The avenue itself is also a big tourist attraction and can be walked right down the middle divider.

Crookedest Street

Although billed as the the "Crookedest" Street, Lombard actually isn't, nor is it the steepest, but it's surely the best-known. It's only a block long, with eight sharp turns, the roadway flanked by colorful flowers.

Lombard StreetMost visitors drive down Lombard Street - it's one-way and you can't drive up. Others walk to the bottom, watch for a minute, take photos and leave. You can also get off the cable car at the top and walk down.Pros and Cons Lombard is a San Francisco oddity and lots of people enjoy seeing it, gathering bragging rights they can exercise with the folks back home. The wait to drive one curving block can be long - and the drive is over in less than a minute.

Fields Awash with the Glow of a Thousand Lights

It’s like the stars have fallen from the sky. The expanse before one’s eyes is awash with a blaze of light – as if mocking the surrounding darkness. Magical things happen when dreams become reality, and it certainly seems as though Bruce Munro has created something magical with his installation, 'Field of Light'. In Munro's fairytale-esque work, acrylic stems and optical fibers combine to make breathtaking displays in places you wouldn't expect.

China’s Giant Snow Sculpture Festival