Sunday, October 2

Pictures Of The Most Expensive & Amazing Yacht Ever ...Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani (picture below), an Indian business magnate, has reportedly ordered this yacht …

 It will reportedly cost 20 million Euros, and will be parked at Breach Candy in Mumbai, India. Its enormous dimensions … 58 meters long and 38 meters wide. Floor area – 3400 M2 (36600 Sq. feet.). Accomodation for 12 passengers and 20 crew members. This is a “green” yacht. It uses green energy for 20-30% fuel savings and 40-50% electricity consumption on board. It has 900 m2 (9700 Sq. feet.) equipped with solar panels, producing a daily output of 500 kW. It has three decks, a 25 meter pool, a spa, a heli-pad, a 100M2 (1080 Sq. feet.) sauna, gym and massage room, a promenade of 130 m2(1400 Sq. feet.), a music room, a dining room, a cinema, sun decks, suites, terraces and a lounge. There is also a reading room/lounge. The luxury is at the ultimate level. The decks are connected by stairs but there is also an elevator.

                        Who’s doing it? A famous French shipbuilder ship company and one from Monaco.

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